Friday, July 11, 2008

Wewers family vacation 2008, Part 1

The next leg of our journey to Germany is our summer vacation to visit family that we know we won't get to see for some time! It has been an interesting one I must say!!!

Our first part of the trip was to DeGray Lake just outside of Arkadelphia, AR. Now, before we actually got to the lake, we stopped at this roadside sunglasses vendor and we all got out of the vehicle....except the dogs! Well, you can probably see where this is going and if not, I will continue! We naturally left the van running because the dogs were in the car and we were only 6 feet from the van! Lacey, one of our dachsunds....decided it would be a funny joke to hit the lock, this wouldn't be so strange if the doors actually locked the first time you hit the lock, but you have to hit them twice for the doors to lock! You guessed it, she hit it twice and locked her and Sassy in the ice cold (thankfully) running (we had just filled up...thankfully) van! After prying our door open enough to get a metal rod down through the opening and unlocking the doors (finally, after about 30 minutes or so!) we were once again on our way! (Lacey is pictured to the right!).

We had loads of fun at the lake. The kids and Travis tubed behind Travis' brother's boat. This is Ashley, the kid's cousin on Travis' side and Colin.

We visited with Terri and Tom and our neice, Liana and their dog, Cocoa. They came up from Pearland, TX, just south of Houston to visit with us. We really appreciated them making that long trip just to see us, even though we didn't get to see the fireworks!!!! Those lightening bugs sure were fun to watch, though! ;-)

Part two will follow in a few days!