Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This Moment

My blogger friend at You're Gonna Miss This that got me started blogging (See, Pam, I am trying!) has a post that she publishes on her blog called "You're Gonna Miss This". It basically gives us a place to share the things in our lives that we know will miss one day and gives us a chance to immortalize it forever I guess! I though I would play along....finally! I've been telling her I would, so here goes! That is her son on the bike! Cool, huh?

No, I won't miss the no pooping signs! I will miss the humor that my boys seem to bring to me every single day! The fighting, the arguing and the yelling seem to fade when they do something silly like this!

I know that one day, these nice family trips will be a thing of the past! This day was a lot of fun. The kids had fun, there wasn't much bickering, and I am not so sure that I will get to experience this again. Haley graduates in less than 2 years and that will be it! Look at Haley and Thomas...they actually look like the might like each other!
On that note, I have a You're Gonna Miss This Moment for your all, but no picture...just a story! Here goes....
Haley and Thomas have to ride the bus because their school is about 5 miles or more away from where we live. Well, because of the security that we now all live under here in Heidelberg (It feels like a prison most of the time!) the kids must have bus passes to ride the bus home from school (apparently it is not necessary to ride the bus to school because, according to the bus office, they have an obligation to get the kids to school, but not can see where this is going!). Long story short, Thomas lost his wallet last weekend and of course it had his bus pass in it. He was allowed to ride to school without the pass, but when he went to get back on the bus that afternoon, he was denied access. This wouldn't have been so bad had another kid not had his pass, but was allowed to get on the bus. Well, here's the moment that I will miss....Haley, the big sister, the queen of the world.....are you ready? SHE STOOD UP FOR HER BROTHER!!!!! She went to the front of the bus and asked why he wasn't allowed on the bus and when she got the wrong answer, she "went off of the bus drive" Her words, not mine! Of course, I quietly reprimanded her and then loudly praised her fro standing up for Thomas. It took Thomas almost three hours to get home. He had to wait for the shuttle bus to get home and missed it twice, received blisters on his feet from trying to walk and then changing his mind. My kids are pretty savvy for the most part....they seem to be able to use their heads when the moment calls for it. I am proud of them both, Haley for standing up for her brother (just a little side note, she ratted him out for something he did at dinner that evening, so he love didn't last!) and Thomas for using his head to get home safely and not trying to walk that entire distance.
One more "Moment"!
My little boy, Thomas, is not such a little boy anymore! He would not be happy if he knew I was putting this here, but I just have to share it because it is a first for us that we will never again share with him! He has been having a scratchy voice problem the last couple of weeks and Travis and I just thought that he had a sore throat....we are changing seasons here dramatically as you can see in my post about Heidelberg. We have been noting that his moods are changing drastically too. We started putting two and two together and we have discovered that his voice is changing!!!! He is growing up and that is so sad and bittersweet all at the same time! I love you, son! My wish for you is that you grow up well!

What's going on right now in our journey.

Most normal people never move from where they live. They don't uproot their families and change addresses every 3 yrs or less. I guess we're not normal! Travis is in the army and that means that we get up and move quite often. In 18 years, we have lived in more than 7 communites, not including the different moves in each town due to military housing not being made available right away.

Before I go on with this blog entry, let me say that in no way do I or the kids blame Travis for moving as much as we do! As a matter of fact, it is part of who we are now. We are all actually a little nervous about his upcoming retirement and going back into the civilian life. EEKKKK!!!

Everytime we move, the kids are uprooted from school and must adjust to a new way of life, Travis must switch jobs, but he has a job waiting on him always, and I, well, I have to quit my job and look for another one. This is tough and this is what we are going through right now. I have been unsuccessful in finding a job right now. Every bite I get on a job here ends in disappointment. The latest situation is that I may have a full-time admin job working in the CDC, but I just found out that MWR may "give" this position to one of 13 persons who were promised a job by the director of MWR here. This is very disconcerting to me. He says that these people need jobs. What about me? I need a job too. So, now I am waiting and praying and hoping and a little crying from being once again disappointed about this. Heidelberg, so far has been the hardest place to find a job. Military spouses should not have this kind of trouble finding work anywhere. I have had thoughts of trying to figure out what I can do to fix this problem, but it seems very difficult. I will update here if I can find a way to make a contribution to why military spouses have such a difficult time finding employment.

I could use a prayer from anyone willing to say one! Love you all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heidelberg Castle Trip


I have a very good friend who blogs quite a bit and she uses a program to show her pictures off. I copied her and used it here! If--and I am positive that there are--there are duplicate pictures, please just enjoy them twice! Once I figured out that I could do all the pictures in one show, I decided that I had had enough and just posted two!!! Enjoy!

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