Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 Heidelberg Volksmarch

Well, we did it!!! We walked our first Volksmarch! Maybe next time we'll do the 10K! We actually felt like we could have gone on, but my heel is still recovering from anouther long walk we ended up making about two or three weeks ago! Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Even Sassy had a good time!

This is the little park where it started.

Thomas and Sassy waiting for Travis and Colin to get us registered.

Little German House

Travis, Colin and Sassy walking through a German neighborhood.

More German houses. notice they are all built together, but they are all different! No two look alike!

This is looking up the mountain behind Heidelberg. We went part of the way up the mountain!

A Vineyard! Germany is known for it's wines and its vineyards! You'll see some grapes on the vines below!

Some foliage that we saw on the walk:

This is a grapevine growing over an arch. These were everywhere!

Pictures of the counryside. We're up on the mountain now....not too far up, but a little ways up!

Some animals that we saw along the way! There was a miniature horse, a sheep and a goat! Oh yeah! And a hedgehog that we came across! He wanted some ice cream really bad!!!

Now, last but certainly not least, we came across this cemetary. Now,
normally cemetaries do nothing for me, but this one was just beautiful.
Notice how close together the graves are and notice the chapel in the
background! this reminds me of a puzzle picture!

Well, that concludes our 5K tour of Heidelberg! More will follow I assure you! We hope to trek up to the castle soon and the river as well! Haley is going that way this afternoon with some of her friends, so maybe she will take some pictures of what she sees! See ya soon!

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Pam said...

It sure is beautiful. I kind of feel sad, like I missed it when we lived there. Another time and o so immature! Oh well! I just have to come visit you to see it all again!! SO glad you posted all the pictures! Keep em comin!!